Gestalt approach to organizations

The programme

From controlling people to balancing the forces in organizations

Bridging theory and practice of Gestalt approaches to organizations 


Developing as a gestalt practitioner working with organizations

You will

  • build up theoretical understanding;
  • develop sound presence;
  • develop dialogic leadership;
  • experience case formulations in working with organizations.

First year 

 Understanding and experiencing organizations from a gestalt framework/gestalt philosophy of being

Basic principles; Group dynamics; Phenomenology of culture; Contacting processes; Dialogic leadership.

Second year

Intervening in organizations using gestalt approach: dilemmas in organizations

Paradoxical theory of change; Power and conflicts; Bodily experience; Diversity and inequality; Endings.

The Trainers Team

Talia Bar-Yoseph Levine, DPsych (Israel). Gestalt psychotherapist, coexecutive director of Jerusalem gestalt institute, management consultant.

Frans Meulmeester (The Netherlands). Organisations consultant, gestalt psychotherapist, trainer, supervisor and coach. Staff member of several Gestalt institutes.

Viktoras Keturakis PhD (Lithuania). Gestalt psychotherapist, management consultant and trainer, President of  Lithuanian Gestalt Psychotherapy Association; Founder and Trainer at Gestalt Institute “Dialogas”.

Agnė Jonaitytė-Karalienė (Lithuania). Organisational psychologist, Graduate of Gestalt Institute „Dialogas“, HR manager, mentor.

The dates

The program will last for two years; here are the dates for the first year:

Introduction (for those without Gestalt background)

April, 16, 2021            

Block 1 Basic principles of gestalt approach to organizations 1

May, 13-15, 2021

Block 2 Basic principles of gestalt approach to organizations 1

July, 1-3, 2021

Block 3 Group dynamics in organization

September, 9-11, 2021

Block 4 The phenomenology of Culture

November, 11-13, 2021

Block 5 Contact mechanisms within organizations

January, 20-22, 2022            

Block 6 Dialogic leadership 

April, 7-9, 2022


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